Best free offline dictionary software would be best choice for you to search any kind of English word quickly.

Therefore, to guard you from such tough situations, here we mention the Best free offline dictionary apps that permit you recognize a word’s meaning quickly without an online connection.

1. Wordweb Free Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


Wordweb is one among the best dictionary software available within the recent times which is completely freed from charge. You’ll download the entire edition with none cost that gives an enormous database of source words which is about 15000 in number. Not just that, using its translator service is equally convenient because it provides you with the word translation in only one simple click even once you are offline.

The application remains within the system files and may be started from any of the pc programs. For MS Word, Wordweb is embedded in it by default and may be accessed with only one click from the Word file itself. Wordweb not only defines the words that you simply are trying to find , but also displays synonyms, analogous words and therefore the source of the words.

While Wordweb offers a compelling pro version and a free version with limited features, the free software is getting used by abundance of individuals across the planet as not many are unable in touch the prices of a premium dictionary.

Wordweb offers over 150000 source words and synonym combinations over 120000 in number with regular updates and additions on international words (English).



2. Perfect Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


This comprehensive and free dictionary app is ideal for all the inquisitive humans who want to understand the meaning of each mysterious word they are available across. The app allows you to search for the word in multiple dictionaries. along side this, here are the features that make this the simplest free offline dictionary for PC stand out from the opposite offline and free dictionary apps during this list.


  • Automatically shows suggested words while typing
  • Lets you view and clear the history of searched words
  • You can mark your favorite words and pin them
  • Although it’s not a replacement thing, still it’s the much-needed audio pronunciation of every word

It would be great if you are trying this app to form your vocabulary perfect.



3. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


Oxford Learner’s app is that the best offline English dictionary from Oxford University editors. you’ll search the words from A to Z and obtain the meaning during a second. you’ll find out how to mention the words, and when and the way to use them during a context. once you look out for a word, it’ll search amongst quite 1 lakh words.

Also, more data on the word like synonyms, antonyms and every one also are present. If you discover a troublesome word, this free dictionary software helps you with small notes, examples, and pictures .

Word origins, verb forms, US and UK usage, and Academic glossary are remainder of them on which you’ll calculate . For of these to suit in your system, 2GB space may be a must. And a price of $29.99 has got to be paid before using it.

Download Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for iOS.



4. The sage’s English dictionary and thesaurus

best free offline dictionary


TheSage is an exhaustive and a 100% free professional Dictionary and Thesaurus that’s also available offline for PC users. It consists of an enormous dictionary that has over 210,000 word meanings along side a comprehensive thesaurus that gives quite 140,000 links among definitions that consists of synonyms, hypernyms, holonyms, antonyms, hyponyms etc.

Its interface includes tabs that permit you discover numerous words simultaneously using appropriate and exceptional search tools viz. wildcards and more. you’ll also retrieve the history of the words that you simply have searched for. the simplest part about the software is that it assimilates into the context list of the Windows that helps you to be ready to find definitions from practically any source from your PC.

While with The Sage you’ve got the permission to use online sources like , from Google or from Wikipedia, you’ll even have access to the large collection that already contains usage illustrations of around 50,000.

It also allows you to use other online search options like, real-time search, anagram search and permission to use services like, system tray assimilation and therefore the skill to run program through a USB drive. The Sage also includes quite 70,000 phonetic notations.



5. The Oxford Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


Here comes the showstopper and excellent free dictionary app to finish this list of the simplest offline dictionary apps for Windows. Here’re the features that make The Oxford Dictionary feature during this post.


  • Time and again updated with new words, presently has approximately 350000 words, phrases, and their meanings.
  • Autocomplete functionality that predicts the word as you type within the search box.
  • Keyword lookup to assist look for the compound phrases and words.

After browsing the features, we feel that this is often one among those best English dictionary apps that make it easy for you to create the word power.



6. The Free Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


As the name depicts, this is often a free dictionary software. But if you would like it offline, you’ll download the offline version.

The free dictionary features are distinct from remainder of them like word search and data from many English dictionaries, etymologies and far more. Poly-nominal dictionary searches cover data from legal, Idioms, wiki and encyclopedias.

Also if you would like to understand about English word in other languages, options are plenty. And at the same time dictionary is within easy reach for you in 13 other languages.

Not only these, you get to play word games, learn one Idiom, word, and quote each for the day. From there you’ll select your most liked word and share it on social media. you’ll unveil more options once you begin using it.

Download The Free Dictionary for iOS.



7. Sidebar Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


Sidebar Dictionary may be a multi-language dictionary and translator optimized for those that love reading and/or writing on the device. Typing is optional here: select and replica the text, tap the Sidebar Dictionary, get the work done!
This is the must-have and best free offline dictionary for PC. Making the right word choice is crucial while you edit or write documents, and with Sidebar Dictionary you’ll choose the proper words with ease. aside from this, here are its other fantastic features.


  • Multi-language support
  • Lets you copy the text and know its meaning
  • User-friendly interface

We would recommend this app if you’re checking out the simplest offline dictionary apps to seek out out the foremost appropriate words for your document.



8. Ultimate Dictionary

best free offline dictionary


Ultimate Dictionary may be a free software for desktop (Windows) that’s as easy to use, because it is to put in . It offers an exhaustive collection (close to 61) of dictionaries which incorporates word choices for languages like, English, French, Polish and Spanish along side glossaries, dictionaries and thesauruses.

Being a compilation of just about all the knowledge that you simply need associated with a word, this program provides you an all-round solution for your queries. It helps you to seek out your information for a word search in only one lookup from all the 61 dictionaries directly .

When you are trying to find a words meaning and enter into the search box of the tool, it searches for an equivalent altogether the 61 dictionaries that it features all directly and displays the definition pulled up from each dictionary where the word was traced within the pane on the proper . As you enter the word with the cues the answer starts getting shown on the pane.

This dictionary gives an uncomplicated, organized and user-friendly interface, and helps compare various dictionary descriptions smoothly.

Ultimate Dictionary also controls the dictionaries effortlessly using the administration tools like that allows you to add , omit, or maybe rearrange dictionaries. Moreover, it also recognizes the format employed by Stardict Dictionary.



9. Lingopad

best free offline dictionary


This is a free offline dictionary for Windows, and it holds a German – English dictionary and more dictionaries including Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic and Norwegian.

You can also import your own wordlists, and you’ll then use them in parallel with the already existing dictionaries. for every dictionary, there’s a user dictionary which will be defined to incorporate additional wordlists.

You don’t need to pay anything for this tool, because it is freed from cost. It offers you the likelihood to look for the start , the ending and therefore the middle a part of a specific word and you’ll also find collocations.

Keep track of all of your checks with the simplest check writing software for Windows 10. Find it during this awesome article.

The activation is feasible with a customizable HotKey, and this offers automatic look for a tagged word or a word from the clipboard. The software also provides an inventory of your latest searches and therefore the possibility to download on a USB flash drive.

You can use the tool once you are offline also , and it gives you the chance to transcript phonetically many English words.

The interface is in German and in English, and you’ve got direct links to seem up words in Wikipedia and much of search engines.

LingoPad may be a software that takes up less storage than many software within the section Science & education software. It’s a program very heavily utilized in us , Indonesia, and Cameroon.



10. Dictionary

best free offline dictionary is one among the favored free English dictionary app. It doesn’t require internet connection because it works offline. features a humongous database containing quite 2,000,000 words, definitions, antonyms and synonyms, and has all the tools you would like for constantly boosting your English knowledge. app is compatible for older elementary students and adults alike. There’s audio pronunciation for every word, translations for over 30 languages, detailed word origin descriptions just in case you’re into etymology, a plethora of language blogs, and a complicated learner’s dictionary, to call just a couple of .

With the “Word of the Day” and therefore the “Word of the Day Quiz” features, you’ll add a replacement item to your vocabulary a day and at an equivalent time, keep your brain in top shape.

If you’re still hungry for more, you’ll get access to many advanced features via in-app purchases including a slang dictionary, an immense collection of idioms and phrases, example sentences, and medical, science, and rhyming dictionaries.