The problem is that there are numerous website creation applications and services vying for attention that it are often difficult to understand which one to choose – this is often where we will help.

The best web design software will make it simple to create the web site you would like , either by employing a drag-and-drop editor where you’ll combine different elements easily without coding, alternatively a software platform that involves customizing web code like HTML & CSS and even JavaScript for your own needs.

1.Screen to GIF

ScreenToGif helps record monitor screen and switch them into Gif or video files. This easy-to-use yet powerful tool is formed by Nicke Manarin from Brazil.

2.Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot sends out a ping to your sites every five minutes approximately and if the location doesn’t ping some time past the program will e-mail you a message that your sites are down.

3. Aptana Studio

Looking for web design software which will assist you create CSS layouts? Aptana Studio allows you to simply design in HTML and can also check your cascading style sheets to make sure they’re compatible with most browsers.


Bluefish may be a simple and free web design editor which will layout HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and more. The software will even spellcheck your work as you type.


Monitor your website uptime and publish it to the general public using Freshping.

6.Page Breeze

Page Breeze offers the power to edit in WYSIWIG, on the other hand switch to the HTML tags view so you’ll tweak the planning perfectly.


FileZilla – The free FTP solution that permit you transfer files to your web server over TLC and SFTP. It makes things easier once you have tons of huge files to transfer.

8. Coolors

Create color palette on the go or get inspired by beautiful color schemes at Coolors.

9.WHSR Tool

Shameless-plug – WHSR Tool reveals infrastructure and web technology behind any sites and helps web designers to spy on competitors.


Use WebPageTest to make sure that your website is running at optimal performance. Your results will provide information including web hosting performance check, resource loading waterfall charts and suggestions for improvements.